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For blueberry jam at Scravel Creek, we depend on on New Jerrsey blueberries for both the intensity their flavor and color. Sandy, acidic soil in the Jersy Pine Barrens provides the foundation for producing these exquiite fruit.s. We order our berries from a local merchant with connections to a Garden-Staate grower, so adhering to our efforts to support our local comminity.


Our Garden State Blueberry Jam carries with it a bold, assertive flavor. If you enjoy the taste of fresh blueberries, you'll love our jam.


Refrigerate after opening.

Blueberry Jam 20 oz.

  • Made by a cottage food business that is not subject to Maryland's food safety reulations.

    At Scravel Creek Farm, we follow all USDA guidelines as presented in its Complete Guide to Home Canning.

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